summer boredom // week 9 // i’d take you home, but my bedroom smells like cum.

This is a pure music post. Which music? Look to the right. There’s this “hypem feed for my stalkers” section. That music. I feel like I’ve been withholding a lot of mediocre lo-fi music from you guys.

All of these have been posted elsewhere. Now this isn’t Tumblr, where you can just repost crap. Here we have this respectable system of linking and blockquoting that is frankly much less impersonal than that of Tumblr’s.

Now I don’t blame you guys for not listening to any of this. Indie productions (if you could call them productions) are very noisy, and not a lot of people can tolerate as much noise as I, not even our hipster premier Natlsh. (She is, right?)

Royal Headaches // Down the Lane from Royal Headache (2011)

First posted by Rose Quartz: blah blah blah

There’s a ‘60s pop hue to punk jams like Down The Lane, but they don’t come across as revivalists – you can put that down to a combination of a thick romantic streak and a totally prosaic lyrical style which is so terrifically unpretentious that it makes you wonder why so few other songwriters have been able to write like this. It’s kind of perfectly summarised in a line from “Down The Lane” which goes “I’ve been alone and I’d take you home but my bedroom smells like cum / I could take you out, it’d be my shout, but you’d find that I’m no fun.”

Vivian Girls // I Heard You Say from Share the Joy (2011)

First posted by Gorilla vs. Bear: mp3 vivian girls i heard you say

While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of their assorted side-projects, we’re definitely ready for a new record from Vivian Girls proper. The band’s Share the Joy LP — their first with new drummer Fiona Campbell of Coasting — is out April 12 on limited 180g teal vinyl via Polyvinyl. Here’s lead single “I Heard You Say”.

Girls // Lust for Life from Album (2009)

First posted by Chickens Don’t Clap: lust for girls

“Lust for Life”, the title track from their most recent 7-inch single, is an upbeat blurb of endearing pop. Somehow lyrically earnest and farcical all at once and driven entirely by a single catchy guitar riff and vocal melody, with just a subtle one-measure variation on both, it’s impressive that they can even pull this song off.

Secret Colours // Follow the Drone (single) (2011)

First posted by No Modest Bear: follow the drone

Från Chicago kommer Secret Colours, en psych-rock-kvintett som verkligen vet vad de sysslar med. Bandet har precis släppt en ny tvåspårs-EP titulerad Follow the drone, och innan du laddar ner den på Bandcamp (d/l) kan du dröna iväg till titelspåret nedan.

Yeah, I know that none of us that read this blog actually speak any Scandanavian language.

Amen Dunes // Christopher from Through the Donkey Jaw (2011)

First posted by Impose Magazine: debut: amen dunes, christopher

“Christopher” represents McMahon coming out the other side, a changed man but one in tune with his kaleidoscopic view of the world. Balancing psychedelia, garage rock, and the isolated, echoing production of confession, “Christopher” stands triumphantly as McMahon’s warm embrace of his multi-faceted personality.

The Royalty // Honestly from The Royalty (2011)

First posted by Subservient Experiment: the royalty all alone

It’s easy to find heavy ’50s and ’60s influences in a lot of the lo-fi music coming out these days.

Take The Royalty, for instance, which finds the ’60s pop swing blending with that Specor-ish Wall of Sound production quality, hitting that perfect sweet spot between hi an lo-fi.

Battles // Atlas from Mirrored (2007)

Right now I have no idea who f()ing posted this. Let me just say, though: this song is addicting. Intoxicating. It even says so. “People won’t be people when they hear this sound.” Didn’t even know there were words in this song?

The Wind // Hathor from Harum Scarum (2010)

First posted by IRC: 7 bands you gotta hear vol i

What is this? Another promising DIY band that almost no one has ever heard of? Yes, it does look that way. And it’s no surprise that they, who call themselves The Wind, are based by the oceanside in Long Beach, California. It’s also fitting that their most promising single, “Hathor,” sounds like a spring or summer time song.

Coolrunnings // Behold the Cunt (demo)

First posted by Matinee as Hell: coolrunnings behold the cunt

Este fin de semana puede que haya molestado un poco con tanto Coolrunnings por aquí y por allá, pero juro que la culpa es enteramente de ellos. Como prueba tenemos el nuevo demo que apareció hace pocas horas en su soundcloud. Éste lleva por nombre “Behold The Cunt” y nos remonta a tiempos donde lo más en onda que podía llegar a sonar en las tardeadas eran melodías swing y demás stuff que podría considerarse groove.

Night Beats // Puppet on a String from Night Beats (2011)

See post for track. Yes, the line one right below this one that says “posted by”.

Posted by The Photon God: kicking up sand in an old motel

With a name like Night Beats, one tends to assume that the music associated with a name like that is of the electronic persuasion. Well, one would be sorely mistaken in this case. Night Beats is a psych-rock outfit that embodies some of the best elements of the psychedelic rock genre both old and new. Their sound is raw and accessible to those who can grasp it, not unlike possible influences like The 13th Floor Elevators or for a more contemporary comparison, Thee Oh Sees.

And I’m done.

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